REPENSER LA POMME (Rethinking the apple)


To escape her unhappy marriage, Ana flees to the nearby forest. She discovers an extraordinary red apple that makes her reflect on her ancestors, Eve and Mary. In the following months, Ana’s period ceases and she concludes that she must have become pregnant from the apple she ate.



Familienessen shows a young woman named Charlotte who prepares a sand cake for her parents. During the meal, the father discovers an encoded message under his plate that tells him to leave the table. When Charlotte serves desert, the mother asks her to join. She hesitates, but finally takes her fathers seat. In order for her mother not to feel left alone she then drinks the black colored liquid, which turns out to be poisoned.



Fast food fast fashion shows a young woman in the forest sewing a vest made of pizza. During the process, she is disturbed by a dog that bites a piece off the vest. When she tries to put it on, the clothing falls apart.
Today, fashion and food which have female connotations are characterized by short-livedness. Thus, the pizza vest becomes unwearable the first time the woman tries to put it on. The scene is interrupted by the chaotic moment with the dog. The double function of the pizza isn’t comprehensible for him.